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The Balzac museum is home to an old collection of over 900 publications, as well as a documentary collection comprising more than 800 documents. These resources are available for consultation to researchers, students and Balzac fans carrying out research.


Terms of admission and rates

Admission to the library is permitted on appointment only (by email or by telephone on +33 (0)2 47 26 86 50), during museum opening hours. Admission to the library and consulting the catalogue and documents is subject to payment of the museum admission fee.


Registration procedure

Registration is carried out at the museum, on the day the reader comes to the museum. A valid identity document is required (identity card, passport, driving license, residence card).


Terms for the consultation of documents

Readers may consult the documentary collection as well as the museum's old collection. However, access to some documents may be restricted for conservation reasons. Documents may only be consulted at the museum. To access a publication, a request must be made to the museum staff by filling in a form.


Conditions for the reproduction of documents

Upon authorisation from the museum manager, readers may themselves reproduce documents using a camera without flash. Nonetheless, they will be required to sign a statement of honour of strictly personal use. All public or commercial use of reproductions of documents belonging to the Balzac museum must be subject to an authorisation request. 

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