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COVID-19 informations



Due to the Coronavirus epidemic, the Balzac Museum has adapted visiting conditions and the services provided to visitors to guarantee everyone's health and safety: 


- From 21 July 2021, in accordance with government announcements, access to the Balzac Museum requires the presentation of a health certificate :

  • Certificate of negative PCR or antigenic test less than 48 hours old with QR Code.
  • Positive test certificate of at least 15 days and less than 6 months with QR Code.
  • Complete vaccination certificate with QR Code.

The conformity of the certificate will be checked at the entrance according to the sanitary rules in force.


- Inside the museum, all adults and children aged 11 and over must wear masks at all times.

- Hydroalcoholic gel is available for visitors in the shopmuseum.
- To maintain a distance of at least one metre between each person, staff may further limit access to some areas (65 pers. max. in the museum).  
Rush hours
Musée Balzac Saché
Musée Balzac Saché

Rush hours - Balzac Museum

- Visitors are asked to purchase their tickets online ahead of time. When buying tickets onsite, they are encouraged to use a contactless payment card. 
- In the shop we ask visitors to touch articles only when taking them to the till for payment and preferably to use a contactless payment card.
- The visit route is: 1st floor, 2nd floor then ground floor. Circulation on the spiral staircase between the 1st and 2nd floors is carried out under the supervision of the museum staff. 
- 20-minute presentations are available for visitors in the park (visit departures at fixed times). 

- Room information sheets are not available anymore throughout the tour itinerary.


- Fun-filled trails for children have been cancelled until further notice.



The information on this page is subject to modification.


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