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Shop and refreshments

Open to everybody, the Balzac museum shop is a friendly place to find gift ideas suitable for all budgets.


Refreshments are also available, to take away or for on-site consumption, in the museum's round tower: Balzac coffee (Max cafés, goût russe Damman tea, regional fruit juices, mineral water)



Works by Balzac, biographies, academic papers, art books, regional texts, comics and books in English and German.

The Balzac museum exhibition catalogues:

- 2019 : Un monde balzacien, sculptures de Pierre Ripert, éd. Conseil départemental d'Indre-et-Loire.

- 2019 : Balzac, qui êtes-vous ? Ed. Ipagine (Paris).

- 2018:  Zoo-Portraits, éd. TeNeue

- 2016 : Balzac, architecte d'intérieurs, Somogy.

- 2015: Balzac, romancier des femmesIndre-et-Loire General Council.

2010: "Mon cher George". Balzac et Sand, histoire d'une amitié, Gallimard.

- 2009: Balzac mis à la mouche by Geneviève Besse, Indre-et-Loire general council.
- 2008: Balzac, Daumier : comédies humaines, Indre-et-Loire general council.
- 2004: L'Epée et la plume. Napoléon et Balzac, Indre-et-Loire general council.



The items sold in our shop are linked to the writer or to his works.
- Writing and Calligraphy: quills, coloured inks, wax seals and sticks, writing paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, etc.
- Piver perfumes, notably the famous Russian Cuir. Balzac alluded to the world of the 19th century perfumery in his novel Cesar Birotteau
- Balzac coffee, Russian tea, mugs. Balzac described the effects of tea and coffee in the Treatise on Modern Stimulants.

- Typographical prints (characters from The Human Comedy, views of Tours, etc.)
- Posters, postcards, bookmarks
- For children: books, Mikado and card games, stamps and inks, pencils, cup-and-ball games... 




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