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Valleys situations

Léa Bismuth & Nicolas Boulard

13 March - 26 September 2021

Artistic curator : Anne-Laure Chamboissier


Read this exhibition like an open book whose pages, chapters and paragraphs take your mind and body on an adventure. Using the Théorie de la démarche (an essay in which Balzac analyses the many forms movement can take in a body) as their starting point, Léa Bismuth (author) and Nicolas Boulard (artist) have completed Balzac's walk from Tours to Saché and turned the action into a sound installation in the château's barn: the two protagonists converse, comment on the spaces they walk through, discuss art and literature all fuelled by spontaneity. The second part of the exhibition happens in the museum with a reading project punctuated by publications and clues (installation, photographs, text and sculpture) taken from the surrounding valleys. Balzac's little-known texts such as Sarrasine and Séraphîta are given special attention. It explores distortion and is all about transforming vision: changing your attitude to everyday life, how you see an abandoned tree or rainfall becomes a conceptual activity that shakes up expectations and straight lines.


Price: museum entry fee.


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